Red Bird Creations hand painted silk scarves by Rebecca Bennett 

Hand painted silk scarves

Red Bird creations silk scarves are hand-painted using traditional techniques. Each scarf is individually painted giving each scarf a unique look.



Silk Habotai scarves

Silk habotai has that traditional glossy quality we associate silk with, this fabric is soft, glossy and silky and has a wonderful flowing feel to it.


      hand painted silk


Silk Chiffon Scarves

Silk chiffon is a beautiful fabric soft light and has a lovely semi- translucent effect. Also unlike other silks chiffon does not slip as much when worn.




How the silk is painted

The silk is first stretched on a wooden frame. The next step is to draw the design onto the silk using gutta. Gutta produces an outline which prevents the silk paint from spreading into other areas of the design.

To create a more fluid abstract design the silk can be painted without a gutta design.

Once you have painted the silk and allowed it to dry you can fix your paints either by ironing or a steam fixer depending on the type of silk paints used.

Once the paint has been fixed hand wash your silk and allow it to dry before ironing on a low setting to remove any creases from the painting and fixing process  


How to care for your hand painted silk scarves

Red Bird creations silk scarves can be hand washed in luke warm water and ironed on a low setting. If the silk becomes creased whilst ironing you can dampen that area and re-iron. If you are not confident about ironing your silk scarf you can place a thin cotton i.e. a cotton pillow case over the top of the scarf whilst ironing to protect the silk further.




Where to buy 

Please Contact us for more information on current stockists, Red bird creations are happy to do one off commissioned silk scarves if you are looking for a special design. Framed original silk paintings and prints are also available please see the gallery page for more images.



                     'Tiger' original silk painting